AUXITEC ARTELIA GROUP offers relevant engineering solutions for the design and management of construction and civil engineering, industry, and information system projects. The company guarantees the permanent development of skills and the integration of environmental constraints from the project design phase onwards. The quality of its work and the strict application of methodology are success factors on which its notoriety has been founded from the onset.



  • Present in the industrial engineering sector since 1964.
  • Capable of taking on any sized projects, from design to commissioning.
  • Perfect knowledge of client installations and standards.
  • High performance digital technical resources (BIM, SEDI, EDM).


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Châtellerault, Cherbourg, Dunkerque, Le Havre, Le Mans, Lyon, Martigues, Pierrelatte, Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine, Rouen and Saint-Nazaire.

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Dunkerque, Le Havre, Lyon, Martigues, Pierrelatte, Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine, Rouen and Saint-Nazaire.

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Radiation protection

Lyon, Martigues and Pierrelatte.

“Defense secret” and “Confidential Defense” clearances in the nuclear sector:
For certain skill sectors and employees.


Processes and calculations

Sizing of mechanical, sheet metal work, and thermal exchange equipment using the process input data.

Sizing design of liquid or gas distribution services.

Safety reviews such as Hazop, Hazid, Amdec and hazard studies.

Thermal and seismic calculations for equipment, piping and supports.

General industrial installation

Design studies for the installation of equipment and piping in new or existing environments. Integration of regulatory, future operation, maintenance and constructibility constraints.

3D model design using all the industry software.

High and low voltage electricity

Power assessments, design and sizing studies to define substations and grids for all voltage levels.

Instrumentation and systems: automation, PLC supervision, command control

Design studies for industrial installation automation, control and command, as well as the definition of control stations and the distribution of all types of low voltage.

Mechanics, special tools and machines

Design and manufacture of mechanical handling, assembly frame, transfer, test, support, and test bench or other tools.

Monitoring of compliance of files with regulations and machine conformity.

Offshore structure

Calculation and drawing of metallic structures. Information : BERT SAS (AUXITEC Ingénierie Group) –

Industrial framework and ventilation

Definition, sizing and detailed calculations with seismic constraints for all types of new or revamped structures.

Sizing and definition of filtering levels on HVAC systems.

Installation security

Specific risk analyses covering radioactivity, fire, chemical explosions, flooding, etc.

Analyses for FEM-DAM (modification assessment sheet-Modification authorization file), drawing up of regulatory security files.

Construction management, scheduling, works coordination and supervision, commissioning

Construction supervision with safety, deadline and budget supervision and monitoring of compliance to design.

Commissioning assistance to project owners.

Management, preparation of supervision of Major Shutdowns

Preparation and Inspection services.

Works sequences, budget supervision and maintenance of optimized schedules during production unit shutdown periods.