AUXITEC ARTELIA GROUP offers relevant engineering solutions for the design and management of construction and civil engineering, industry, and information system projects. The company guarantees the permanent development of skills and the integration of environmental constraints from the project design phase onwards. The quality of its work and the strict application of methodology are success factors on which its notoriety has been founded from the onset.



  • Project design up completion of works, including architectural work.
  • Expertise in environmental protection structure design and structures with specific risks or dynamic stresses (vibrations – blast-proof – containment – exposure to thermal flows).
  • Multi-site deployment engineering, especially for gas stations and banking networks.
  • High performance technical digital resources (BIM – SEDI – EDM – Advanced Structural and Fluids Engineering Software).


  • OPQIBI Engineering label
  • PQIBI 1901 Engineering of current works
  • PQIBI 1902 Engineering of complex works
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Full project management covering all trades

Full project management covering all trades, from design to the construction of buildings or Industrial structures.

Multi-specialty engineering: skill and expertise in the completion of overall studies, detailed studies and the work of building trades (structures, energy, fluids, road and service works, architectural trades, secondary trades and construction economics).

A specialist in the integration of structures into their environment

Mastery of the complexity of integrating environmental protection structures.

Solutions adapted to specific risks such as earthquakes, thermal flows, explosions, floods and wave effects.

Environmental quality performance

The company is committed to the energy performance and environmental quality of its structures.

The company can accompany its clients in the methodology and certification processes for building environmental performance assessment standards  (BREEAM, HQE).

Organization, cost, deadline, operational and performance control

Construction scheduling, organization and economics, project preliminary summary and project summary.

Construction, operating and maintenance cost control.

Deployment campaign intelligence and management

Experience and expertise in multi-site deployment campaigns.

Project owner assistance

Definition of input data and user needs, of the project and its functions.

Assistance in understanding and validating the technical solutions proposed by the project manager and contractors.

Assistance in defining market strategies and the missions of different categories of staff.

Technical assistance in defining EMC control strategies and environmental approaches.